Why Lendaily?

What’s the sales and marketing benefit of offering a closed loop, merchant branded Lendaily revolving line of credit solution? IT KEEPS CUSTOMERS COMING BACK. Once buyers pay down the purchase with an easy payment plan, the private label revolving credit account is waiting for their return. Best of all, they can’t use this closed loop credit at any competitor. The Lendaily platform works perfectly for healthcare clinics, auto services, travel agencies, and hotels that rely on customer loyalty. It’s ideal for businesses that sell products or services that customers buy more than once.

Now, let’s expand on the private label advantage of retaining and leveraging customer data – something legacy finance providers don’t do. A merchant could mix a little marketing with some drip email and promotional initiatives, to leverage its customer base through Lendaily’s customer communications service. And Voila! A real opportunity to see a 20 to 30% lift in sales. Lendaily provides each merchant with a private portal and admin dashboard to accomplish the tasks. The Lendaily Merchant Portal provides tools and templates to empower merchants to tailor ongoing customer outreach utilizing the data collected through the credit application process. Intuitive and actionable analytics and sales tools are also available through the portal. After all, why should only the credit card provider have this information? It’s the merchant that converted the prospect to customer. The end result is clear: you, the merchant, simply make more money.

The industry giants that offer legacy private label or merchant branded credit may charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a customer engagement and retention service. Lendaily provides it at no additional cost. The way we see it, this is an essential part of doing business, and a critical component of the service we provide.

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