Everyone Squeezes the Merchant

Regardless of the industry, market, or customer base, every merchant and service provider faces a seemingly unending set of pressures on profitability. They get squeezed from every angle, and are often forced to operate on thinner margins just to remain in business. Among the myriad costs of running a business is enabling customers to “finance” purchases as a means to close the sale. This hidden cost silently bleeds profits while the merchant remains focused on how to beat the competition.

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Why Lendaily?

What’s the sales and marketing benefit of offering a closed loop, merchant branded Lendaily revolving line of credit solution? IT KEEPS CUSTOMERS COMING BACK. Once buyers pay down the purchase with an easy payment plan, the private label revolving credit account is waiting for their return. Best of all, they can’t use this closed loop credit at any competitor. The Lendaily platform works perfectly for healthcare clinics, auto services, travel agencies, and hotels that rely on customer Continue Reading